Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Drywall finished and fireplace installed!

On Saturday we took a ride by the house to see the weekly progress.  We found that all the drywall had been completed, mudded and taped, and the first coat of primer had been applied.

We also found that the garage door had been installed

There were some "goodies" in the garage including our banisters, our interior doors and the granite for our master vanity.


Interior doors
Apparently we are getting the shutter-style door on our laundry room, which I was really hoping we wouldn't get, since we have the tankless water heater and do not have the water heater tank in our laundry room.  Oh well, I guess we can always switch it out in the future. 

On a side note, does anyone know what that pipe extending into the garage is?- the one to the right of the stack of doors in the photo.

Sneak peak of our master vanity granite- can't wait to see it installed!

 I was also happy to see that the extra lip of cement slab that was in the garage has been removed and it looks fine, yay!

The first floor of the house looks great, it really is starting to feel like a home!

Living room

Dining room looking into kichen

Foyer with mudroom and stairs to second floor

We did notice a small hole in the drywall on the staircase and alerted our PM, who promised to get it fixed.

When we entered the family room we found two surprises- our fireplace mantel with granite surround had been installed

Close up of the Venetian Gold granite

I think that the granite looks awesome around the fireplace and that the Venetian Gold will look great with our St. Cecilia counter tops.  The two granites look pretty similar so it will provide a nice continuity for the kitchen and family room.

We did notice that the mantel was not completely flush against the wall and our PM said he would address it, as well as the slight bowing in the ceiling above the fireplace.

I don't think our PM really knew what he was getting in for when he took us on, I'm a real perfectionist, and I'm not going to rest until everything is up to my standards.  This weekend I'm going to go visit the house alone and take a level with me and make sure that every wall in the house is straight.  My poor PM is really going to have to work to get his "10's" from me!

We also found our kitchen cabinetry just hanging out in our family room and kitchen, all ready for install.  I'm guess that will take place this week.

Going up the stairs we also noticed that the box for the stairwell hanging light fixture had been dry walled over.   I know from reading the blogs that it is a pretty frequent occurrence, but I did let my PM know.  He told me that they would have no problems locating it from the electrical blueprints.

Upstairs everything looked good!

Master suite looking toward sitting area

Master bedroom- I can't wait for all this space!

Master Bath

Foster's bedroom

Foster's bedroom

I love how the bedrooms have the vents over the door way for better airflow, hopefully that will prevent the rooms from getting stuffy at night with the door closed.

While we were down visiting the house we ran into our across the street neighbors again, who are so nice.  I'm really looking forward to getting to know them better.  They invited us over to trick our treat in the neighborhood and I think we'll take them up on the invite!  Mark and I can switch off sitting in a lawn chair in our driveway handing out candy, and it would be a much safter neighborhood for trick or treating since there are sidewalks and street lights.  Plus it would be a fun way to meet more of our neighbors!   Maybe we'll even have electricity at the house by then and I'll be able to string a few outdoor lights!

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  1. Everything is looking great! Isn't it crazy how fast things go? Seeing my cabinets was one of my favorite parts!

    I didn't even think about the whole Halloween thing. We'll be moved in so I guess I should have some candy ready! We don't have kids so things like that just slip my mind so thanks for the reminder!

    P.S. I love how you're taking a level with you to the house. That's too funny .. I kind of wish I had thought of that!