Tuesday, May 27, 2014

That's a LOT of choices

The first choice we had to make was our lot.  Our community offers two lot sizes a 60' homesite and a 70' homesite.  Now neither of these is very large (I'm really jealous of the 1+ acre lots Ryan offers up north!), and the Rome is a larger house, but even so, we originally were considering one of the smaller lots, just because they were significantly cheaper.  We walked around and took a look at what was available but nothing really caught our fancy.

We walked back by the model and told our Sales Rep that we were going to walk over to the other side of the community to check out the larger lots, when he told us that one of the lots had a significant discount because it was owned by the developer.  I didn't get the whole story, but something about someone purchasing the lot, and then deciding to switch to a basement homesite, but either way it was our gain.  We walked over to check the lot in question and I couldn't believe it, it was perfect!  We wanted a flat lot with a flat driveway and a flat backyard for the kids, and this was completely, totally, absolutely, level!  There was a small rise in the back of our property, but that was on our behind neighbors property, not on ours.  It isn't too much of a rise, so I'm not terribly worried about water run off, and we happened to luck into meeting our next door neighbor while we were checking out the lot, and he confirmed that they didn't get any water.

An extra bonus was that our lot is very close to both the pool and playground.  It will be a very easy walk that I imagine us doing on a daily basis. 

At this point I was really feeling like this house was meant to be, with the lot discount, it was only a few thousand more to get the extra space, which I think we'll really enjoy and make good use of with the boys. 

Our lot, the property line is right at the edge of the rise in the back

Another view of our lot, looking back towards the street side.  That's an Avalon Isle next door, its a beauty!

Here is a picture of the rise, the land slopes away from our property, so I hope that will help with water issues.


  1. Have you been by the Rome Model home in the Rosemont Neighborhood in Indian Land?
    Kelly L

  2. Kelly, yes I have, I think they know me by name I've been there so often :) My mom is visiting next week, and I think I might take her to the Rome at Glendalough (in Monroe, NC). It doesn't have the extra guest bath, so you can really see how large that master bedroom is! I cannot wait to have all that glorious space all to myself, well, I guess I have to share with my husband :)

  3. I forget, oh that's right. Someone was building one on our to-be street that we walked around. They moved in though...

  4. Happy you found the perfect lot for your home. This choice makes you happy from the inside and outside. :-)

    1. Thanks Nadase! Gosh I feel like I have a celebrity on my blog now, your blog was the very first I found when I started this journey. Thank you for all the good advice, your blog was so helpful!